Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

Certain Policy directives in the Ontario Disability Support program and Certain Legislation under the ODSP act actually do not support people as the program title suggests, but in fact punishes people and keeps them in poverty.

It also discriminates against single benefit units with no dependants.

Workers, Managers and Offices across the province of Ontario, all have different interpretations of the directives and act.

Workers' mistakes cause undue financial and emotional hardship on clients.

Their is also no accountability.

We the undersigned petition the current and future sitting Legislative Assembly of Ontario to:

1. Immediately provide a $100.00 dollar per month food stipend for all Ontario Disability Support Program clients.

2. To Immediately increase Ontario Disability Support Program rates so as to reflect the current and future ongoing changes in cost of living values.

3. To Immediately make non-disabled spouses income an exempt asset.

4. To not cut off single clients for not providing information, but instead reduce benefits (ensuring clients will not end up on the street) if the case worker can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that not providing said information was deliberate on the clients part.

5. To increase the mileage costs for personal vehicles for medical transportation.

6. To make all Ontario Disability Program offices across the province to have the same interpretation of policy directives and the Ontario Disability Act.

7. For Case workers to be scrutinized more carefully by their managers so as to diminish internal reviews and appeals to the social benefits tribunals due to mistakes made by caseworkers.

8. To immediately restore all special diet conditions that have been removed. And to pay for each separate condition not just the one that costs the most.

9. The right to request and be given a new caseworker if client feels there is bias towards them from the caseworker.

10. To make all Employees of the Ontario Disability Support program more accountable by having a complaint and review process in place if there is a complaint against them from clients.

11. To not have to report exempt assets, as they are not counted against the client.

12. That "discretionary benefits (ie dentures etc are brought back under Ontario Disability Support program and are consistent regardless of where one lives").

13. That loans and overdrafts should not be considered income.

14. That the Ontario Disability Support Program uses the same criteria for expenses for income that the Canadian Revenue Agency does.

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