#Neighborhood Living
HOA Board of Director's/Vanguard Management
United States of America

Neighbor's, owner's and member's, help me bring about a change in our neighborhood. Are you tired of the same old exterior color scheme/driveway color that has been in existence for the villa's/townhouse's since being built in 1983? Folks, that's 33 years of "the same". In that time frame not much of anything has stayed the same. Children have grown. Loved ones change. Career's change. President's change. Law's change. Technology changes. Price's change. Building codes change. I want to take pride my home and make it my own.

Purchasing a home is the most biggest expense of a lifetime. Existing bylaws and covenants need to be updated from time to time to keep up with the needs of the community. Millennial's are not choosing to purchase home's in HOA neighborhood's due to the rule's. We need new resident's like Millennial's to bring there youthful, creative minds to keep our neighborhood going. A bit of trivia, for those of you old enough to remember the Hit TV Sitcom "Full House".

The intro scene is located in San Francisco, CA. It is known as post card row and is the number 1 post card of all time. Do you know that the street was once line with un-desirable 2 story properties. Just with some paint and individually. Wow, that is what I would like to see with this neighborhood "Number 1". Here are some other idea's: neighborhood watch, holiday decorations, let's get creative. This neighborhood has about 400 member's. This community needs to change with the time's in order to continue to prosper. This is America a land of diversity. Let's all start off with color then slowly build on that to make this community re-fresher. After all, if it doesn't work out it can be re-painted. Like a bad haircut, it will grow back.

We, the undersigned, call in the HOA Board of Director's to request that you consider our change for exterior/driveway to Vanguard Management request.

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