The Board of EO

January 12, 2006

YEO has been one of the most important organizations that many of us will ever be involved in.

A few short years ago, we watched the organization begin to flourish. In 2002 we proudly watched as Sean Magennis delivered his outstanding speech at the State Department in Washington, D.C. celebrating "YEO's 15th Anniversary," which coincided with YEO crossing the 5,000-member mark for the first time. This was a great time for YEO!

Since that time, we've hit a few roadblocks, but nothing that 5,000 enterprising entrepreneurs can't overcome. Sometimes when an enterprise hits a few bumps, the decision is to "change everything"... even the name. But we believe that changing the name was a mistake, and we want to return to being YEO.

Yes, YEO. Young Entrepreneurs' Organization. We find ourselves spending more and more time on the phone having to explain the new name. Nobody understands it, or why we changed it. No one gets the new name!

Coca-Cola bet the farm on "New Coke" twenty years ago and realized it was a mistake. They changed back because their loyal consumers told them to change back. Is it possible for us to realize that we may have moved too quickly?

It took an enormous amount of money, time, effort, and energy to create the YEO brand. Then, in one decision, we wiped out 15 years of brand equity.

Please sign your name to this and pass this message along to the people who care. Let's get back to our roots and continue the march to 10,000 members worldwide... and beyond.

Respectfully Submitted,

rick sapio
Proud Member of YEO since 1995

We, the undersigned, believe that:

1. The change of the name of the Young Entrepreneurs' Organization to the Entrepreneurs' Organization was a mistake in branding.

2. The organization should return to the name YEO, and should return our focus to our roots as the organization for young entrepreneurs.
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