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Carroll County Ga Citizens
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Our present County Charter is broken and outdated and We have recently seen the damage that can be done and the abuse of power that our current document allows.

So this is our chance to take action and distribute the power to all commissioners equally where majority will rule.

We the undersigned citizens and voters of Carroll County appeal to change the current charter.

First, we would like to see the creation of a county manager's position for oversight and dissemination.

Secondly, we would like to see an amendment to the charter for clarification. Currently, the charter gives the Chairman the authority to "propose changes in, consolidation of, or creation or abolishment of any departments, agencies or offices over which the chairman exercises supervision and control."

We would request that the amendment conclude that all proposals must be approved through a majority vote of the board.


Note added May 25, 2009

For those concerned about the county manager suggestion. It is only a suggestion, the main issue is changing the wording of the charter and is being pursued as such. The addition of a county manager would first have to be approved by the board to be put on a referendum, then would have to pass by a majority of registered voters via ballot.

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