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When applying for the Canadian Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) Canadian Federal Income Tax Law is unfair to divorced or separated individuals with children who remarry or live common-law.
When calculating the CCTB Canadian Federal Income Tax guidelines use the new spouse's income in the calculation of family net income therefore implying that they are financially responsible for the child.

According to Canadian Child Support Guidelines the new spouse's income has no affect on the calculations because they are not legally or financially responsible for the child.

Canadian Child Support Guidelines state "The only time a new spouse's income is considered is when either parent pleads undue hardship."


Income Tax Guidelines state "Family net income is one of the factors used in the calculation of your Canadian Child Tax Benefit entitlement. Family net income is your net income at Line 236 of the tax return. If you have a spouse or common-law partner, their net income from their tax return is added to your net income to determine your family net income."


We, the undersigned, are requesting the Federal Government to change the guidelines in the Canadian Federal Income Tax Guidelines to no longer include the new spouse's net income when calculating the Canadian Child Tax Benefit.

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