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Invisible illnesses are real. People may look well but they're not. We are trying to change the way the assessments are conducted for people who have invisible illnesses. This needs to change now as too many are being forgotten. We need support for this. The DWP need to revise the way the assessments are carried out. We won't give up. A duty of care has been overlooked. We need medically trained assessors and home visits. We need you! 100,000 signatures required. Let's help our loved ones to get the help they deserve.

100,000 signatures required .
We need to get the assessments for invisible illnesses changed. They should be done by medically trained professionals who are familiar with the illnesses. The DWP need to take a duty of care regarding people's lives .
Not brush them off as looking ok. We need home visits and understanding.
We call on the DWP to revise their criteria on invisible illnesses.
You may just save lives .

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