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The American Boxer Club Code of Ethics currently eliminates 20-25% of the Boxer population from breeding based solely on coat color. However, after nearly a century of this prohibition it is clear that aside from a slightly increased chance of deafness, white Boxers are no more or less healthy than their colored littermates.

The continued treatment of white Boxers as second-class citizens is not only scientifically invalid, it is also detrimental to the breed in that it eliminates a significant percentage of potentially genetically healthy dogs for no reason other than appearance.

The proposed revision is available for review at:

Given that a white Boxer bred to a plain Boxer will create 100% flashy puppies, thereby contributing no additional incidence of deafness, we, the undersigned, call on the American Boxer Club to revise its Code of Ethics to allow the sale, full registration, and breeding of white Boxers when done judiciously and in accordance with the revised Code of Ethics rules.

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