Representative John Taylor
United States of America

We, the Undersigned, petition PA Representative John Taylor to change the Law regarding Lung transplant guidelines that would exclude the 600' walk test in 6 minutes to patients that need a life saving Lung transplant.

Now there are 100's even thousands of people being denied because they do not meet the Physical criteria for lungs. In order to build physical strengths patients would need good lungs for oxygen that feed muscle for growth. This criteria is the exact reason patients need a transplant.

6 Minute Walk Test and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Consult this test determines exercise tolerance. A physical therapist and respiratory therapist walk alongside patients to evaluate their muscle strength and endurance throughout this test. Since it is important for lung transplant patients to remain in the best health, the test is repeated often while patients are waiting for a transplant as a way to monitor their physical status.

This petition, we believe, would give all patients waiting for a life saving transplant a second chance at life and not be judged on their physical condition when they are at end stage lung disease.

We, the undersigned, call on congress to change the law to eliminate the 6 minute walk test for patients facing death.

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