Devin, Executive Director of NGG, LLC

As per this thread;

"As many of you have seen Obie's thread, I think we, as OS, COS and famed members have the right to decide who shall be our Chairman, Because we don't just want some random guy who gets it without even doing nothing, Let's face it, Obie Jones had done so much for all of you guys, He always helped you when you were still applying for OS and answered all your questions, He also helped you after you got it. Besides all that, He is trusted and very loyal guy to this community, He had never done anything that may effect the community badly like many other people who did rage quits and fucked up the server, and he worked hard and improved this section to the maximum.

So in my opinion we have the right to vote on who we want ! and not just get admin to pick his friend or some random guy, So vote for Obie if you really think he had done a great job and he deserves it. no matter who is coming next for the Chairman, WE WANT OBIE!!"

As per Obie Jones; and that he is not going to replace Ventura's position as the Chairman of the Famed Commission which is undoubtedly unfair for another person just to get the Chairman after the decent and professional work Obie has shown as the Vice Chairman of the Famed Commission.

We hopefully would love to pick our own Chairman in this friendly family, the Hall of Famed family; in which we are all enjoying our time at, under a perfect leadership with Ventura and Obie.

thus; I, as a member of the Hall of Famed, and a dedicated player of Next Generation Gaming, would announce my obvious support Obie Jones, the current/ former Vice Chairman of the Famed Commission to remain in the commission and to be promoted to the position of Chairman of the Famed Commission.

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