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Centene has asked the City of Clayton to approve and partially fund a massive development in downtown Clayton. The project will cost nearly $800M and Clayton residents are being asked to help fund this project with over $147M in corporate tax breaks.

When the project is finished, our downtown won't be the same. We'll see an entire block of parking garages. Centene's new office will have elevated walkways and an indoor cafeteria. They won't be a part of our community and visiting our businesses the way we had hoped.

Nobody can seem to answer how a project this big will impact our city. And nobody can seem to answer exactly how we'll be impacted during the years of construction. Nobody can seem to answer how the new cars won't cause traffic issues on Forsyth and Hanley and beyond. And nobody can seem to answer how our police, fire, and schools can handle the thousands of new visitors We're still not hearing these answers and we're left with too many unanswered questions.

We want to help Centene grow and expand. And we want to continue the kind of responsible and well planned development that helped Clayton become the way it is. But this project is so big, so complex, and so expensive that we deserve answers. We need to take the time to do this right and address these issues instead of rushing to approve this development.

We believe that Centene is an important part of our community and that responsible development is important for the City of Clayton. But the proposed downtown development just doesn’t fit with our downtown. It’s much more than what Centene needs and will change our city forever.  

Whether residents are concerned about the traffic, safety, or strain on our schools, we all seem to agree – there are too many causes for concern and too many unanswered questions.  

We, the undersigned residents, call on the Plan Commission and Board of Aldermen to address these issues and scale back this project.

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