#Consumer Affairs
cell phone companies
United States of America

Whereas US citizens pay for cellphone use on incoming and outgoing calls,

Whereas Mexican citizens only pay for calls outgoing, not incoming, much like land line phones,

Whereas there is no grounds for charging Americans both ways for use,

Whereas the expense for such use is high and abusive of the consumer,

Whereas , as of Nov 4, 2006 Mexican citizens don't even have to pay for incoming long-distance calls, be it national or international,

Whereas US citizens DO pay for incoming long-distance calls, both national and international,

Whereas if it is good enough for Mexico it is good enough for US:

We, the undersigned, believe it is unfair of US cell phone companies to charge consumers for incoming calls.

Landlines do not charge the user for incoming calls. Mexican citizens have not put up with this situation and called for change by the government to create a law against such "double charge."

US citizens have learned from this example, and demand fairness in business.

We call on the government to implement laws prohibiting cell phone companies from charging users for calls they receive.

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