The Liberal Government of Ontario

In the wake of escalating handgun violence in Toronto (and other large Canadian urban centres), the Mayor of Toronto and the Liberal Government of Ontario have waged a politically-motivated campaign to ban legal handgun ownership in Canada.

But the law provides for fair compensation for these guns and any related property rendered useless.

Similar bans have been implemented in Australia and Britain costing taxpayers hundreds of millions, yet the use of handguns in crime has almost doubled and is rising annually since 160,000 citizens were forced to turn in their handguns in 1997.

There are almost 500,000 legally owned handguns in Canada, yet stolen handguns constitute about 15% of the illegal stock.

Legal handgun owners are among the most law-abiding and carefully scrutinized people in Canada yet the proposed ban clearly intends to punish these victims of crime for the actions of thugs - most of whom have already been cycled through our "justice" system.

Handgun violence in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg is the product of a pervasive gang and drug culture.

This is where the government should be directing its focus and its scarce resources.

We, the undersigned, call on the Liberal Government of Ontario and the Mayor of Toronto, David Miller, to cease their relentless attack on legitimate handgun owners.

A ban on handguns and related will cost hundreds of millions of dollars, will create unemployment for many good citizens, will further disenfranchise these citizens and will not cause a reduction in gun violence.

We urge government to instead take this money and direct it toward law enforcement initiatives and social programs that have already proved effective.

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