#Law Reform
Governor Rick Perry
United States of America

According to FAIR, there are approximately 1,810,000 illegal immigrants residing in the State of Texas. The most recent Fair report indicates that the State of Texas is currently spending 8.5 billion dollars annually on Illegal Immigration, in order to provide medical, food, housing, education and legal assistance to immigrants who unlawfully enter the State of Texas.

Recent reports indicate a nominal return of 1.27 billion dollars paid to our State by these illegal immigrants, but this return estimate is comprised of taxes collected from illegal immigrants through not only employment, but also by purchase of property, tobacco and alcohol.

Although there are many reasons for an immigrant to gain entry into the State of Texas, it is believed that our government's financial assistance is a great motivator for their unlawful entry. Ceasing such assistance to those who enter our state illegally would possibly eliminate their motives for breaching our borders, which may drastically reduce the numbers of illegal immigrants entering our great state.

These funds could be better appropriated to border security and other state programs designed to benefit the very citizens who contribute to these funds.

We, the undersigned, call on the Governor of the State of Texas, Rick Perry, to cease ALL state funded assistance to any immigrant who has entered illegally into the State of Texas. State funded assistance is identified as, but not limited to: Medicaid/CHIP Program, SNAP Food Program, Low Income Subsidized Housing, Utility Assistance, Education Assistance, and Interpreter Assistance.

The undersigned believe they are enabling the illegal entrance of said immigrants by providing such assistance, and demand that the State of Texas cease all above stated funds immediately.

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