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I recently read on:
that Universal would release another CD of music from there Islands of Adventure theme park, if there is enough demand for one.

So, if you appreciate and enjoy listening to music from Islands of Adventure as much as I do, and you enjoyed the first CD a lot, then please join me in signing this petition and
letting Universal know just how much we the fans really want more unreleased music released from the park!

I have spoken to some of the composers that did music for the areas and attractions at Islands of Adventure and I know that there is at least 7+ hours of music just from “Seuss Landing” “Jurassic Park” and “Toon Lagoon”. So just imagine how much music is still unreleased! Plus there is still “The Lost Continent” and “Marvel Super Hero Island” the ticket booth area and “Port of Entry” as well. From what I found recently on http://www.ascap.com most of the parks’ music was done by composer William Kidd, as well as other composers, such as Gary Guttman, who did the music for the current version of Poseidon’s Fury.

So come on theme park music fans and collectors alike take a few seconds out of your day and add to the signature count and lets show the execs at Universal that we want more music released officially on CD, and hopefully, SOON!!! If I hear any news or if there are any updates I will gladly post them here, so that you, the fans, will know what is going on!

ATTN: Universal!!!

If the cost of producing such a CD is too much or time consuming for you, than release this music on the iTunes Music Store!

We, the undersigned, want more and unreleased music to attractions from Islands of Adventure composed by Various Composers Released!

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