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People have been riding C.A.T.S. and paying their money for a service that should be done within the time they have on the schedule, sometimes that doesn't happen and people are left stranded trying to figure out a way to their destination.

Also, some of the drivers who drive the bus are inconsiderate to the paying customers who ride the bus, if they see someone running or trying frantically to get to the bus they pass them by like there not even there. To add insult to injury, they’re going to raise the prices which makes it harder for people to afford the bus especially students who are unemployed. In order to get to class & then home, it will cost 4.40, but if you have to go somewhere else, it will be $6.60; almost $7.00 to ride the bus in one day.

For example, to ride the bus will be $17.60 for only 4 days &that’s just from home to school and back. Also, the buses should run in all suburban areas in places of work. If you work at a mall, staffing agency, or any place of work, the buses should run on Saturdays on Sunday’s PERIOD.

We, the people, call on Charlotte Area Transportation Services to provide us with:

• The same or lower fares instead of raising the prices for reasons we don’t know;

• Have the drivers stay at the location until their relief comes because anything can happen in a unattended bus;

• Be considerate of the paying customers that are trying to get to the bus stop;

• Buses should run longer in some areas;

• Buses should run in suburban areas of work on the weekends until a reasonable time.

Meeting these demands will make riding C.A.T.S. better for everyone involved, it will help not only the customers but also develop a better relationship with the drivers.

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