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Government, Primeminister and Nick Clegg
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My kitten was knocked down on a main road and even though it was wearing a name tag no-one contacted me. It was only through a neighbour and lots of phone calls to police, council and animal organisations that I found out where he was to give him a proper send off.

A friend of mine lost their cat on a busy road last week and although they saw it happen the driver couldn't have cared less.

Why is it that if you knock down a dog you have to report it to the police but a cat you don't have to. Cats are just as important as dogs and should have the same rights.

We the undersigned, call on the Government ie Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg, to change the law so that if a cat is knocked down then the driver has to report the incident to the police just as they would for a dog.

Cats should have as much rights as dogs as they are all household pets with owners who care very much. It is not nice to wonder why your cat has not come home only to find out weeks later that it was killed on a road.

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