MLBB players and Filipino's alike.

The goal is simple; Catriona shall be added as an unlockable hero in MLBB. This is to give light into her victory and to have her shine even in the gaming world.

Once Catriona is added to the game, the skills that she would be using shall be the ones suggested by the MLBB filipino communities, but this seems to be going overboard, so the MLBB team may pick and add the skills that they might want to add.

Credits to the original petitioner of this idea: Ronen Anunciacion and etc.

We, the filipino citizens, would like to sign this petition to have Catriona Gray; the most recent Miss Universe, as an MLBB hero. We would but her for any amount of BP or Diamonds, and we will use her to show our Filipino pride across the MLBB community.

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The Catriona Gray for MLBB petition to MLBB players and Filipino's alike. was written by Candice Navarro and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.