Steven Moffat c/o the BBC

WHEREAS We love Clara Oswald, but know that her time with the Doctor will eventually come to an end and

WHEREAS The Doctor's recent companions (Amelia Pond, River Song, Clara Oswald) have all been the center of some sort of mysterious happenings, puzzles for The Doctor to solve, rather than regular people who happened to fall in with him as many previous companions were and

WHEREAS We, the undersigned, kinda miss having a regular non-mysterious person as a companion (not that we don't love Amy, River, and Clara) and

WHEREAS We, the undersigned, found Osgood to be immediately relatable and a strong character despite her limited screen time and

WHEREAS Osgood is already, most likely unknowingly, friends with a later incarnation of The Doctor who is working in the museum, as indicated by the scarf he appears to have given her:

BE IT RESOLVED that we, the undersigned, call on Steven Moffat, the BBC, and/or whoever is in charge of production and writing on Doctor Who when Clara Oswald's time as a companion comes to an end, to bring back the character of Osgood, as portrayed by Ingrid Oliver in The Day of the Doctor, as The Doctor's next companion.

If this is not possible, we call on the above-mentioned to bring her back as a recurring occasional companion in the style of River Song or Jack Harkness, possibly even while Clara is still traveling with The Doctor.

The Doctor will need to stock up on inhalers, but we do not foresee that as a difficulty.

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