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Alien film buffs! Suicide Girl fans!

OK so... the new Neill Blomkamp Alien movie is coming... the film is set right after Aliens, Sigourney Weaver is bad ass, BUT so is CHAD Suicide and I believe they could both play the main role or at bare minimum co-star eachother.

SIGS IS QUEEN! YES she is! I love her...so she can still play Ripley, BUT SO CAN CHAD! Script writers have to iron that one out! :)

OR, at least cast CHAD as her co star. We want to see CHAD SUICIDE take out xenomorph scum!

I would like to petition the casting members of Neill Blomkamp's new Alien movie to consider Chad Suicide (Charlotte) for a role in the movie alongside Sigourney Weaver somehow.

Check her out @Char_Somthing

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