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Caryn Goldman is the vital key to success for students struggling with any type of math in Canada community college. Caryn is the one to always go to, the lady to always count on when you are struggling.

She overviews the work you have done so far and thoroughly understands what you may have done wrong or what step you don't comprehend. She kindly tells you and explains the information with so much ease, that in minutes you will be preforming with the knowledge she was just talking about.

Caryn also multitasks very well. It is amazing how she can completely help more than one student at a time, focusing a lot of attention on each student. She is able to give personal attention while making sure other students will also be helped.

"We, the undersigned, call on the Administration of Canada College to maintain, keep, and protect the job of a 'Math Instructional Aide' that Caryn Goldman currently holds.

The undersigned agrees that Caryn Goldman possesses the skills and knowledge required for this job, and the undersigned believe Caryn to fully, if not beyond fully, carry out her title and complete what is asked of her.

The undersigned as well agree that Caryn is of great benefit to them, their ability to succeed in math, and of great assistance to other students we witness.

The undersigned agree that with Caryn Goldman employed, the well being of our school, Canada College will also be effected by all her hard work, raising students to fulfill their potential and overcome hardships with math, to later succeed in their career goals and life."

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