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April 2008 - A traffic policeman in Delhi rapes a 12 year old girl

Apr 2008 - Four policemen in Ludhiana gangrape a 15-year-old girl in one of the city’s public parks.

Feb 2008 - Two policemen from the Haryana governor's security team rape a 40-year-old woman.

Aug 2007 - A 22-year-old girl was allegedly raped twice by a policeman in sector-17 after she went to the police chowki to lodge a complaint about her lost mobile handset.

Apr 2005 - A cop in Mumbai rapes a girl on Marine Drive

It was shocking the first time. Horrifying even. Now it's becoming so regular to be almost predicatble. Cops - upholders of the law are commiting the most heinous of crimes - rape. And with impunity and increasing frequency.

Because they think they are above the law, That they can get away with it.

If there has to be security for women in our country, if these heinous incidents have to stop then the deterrent for those who think of committing these crimes must be equally duanting.

Maharashtra Deputy Chief Miniser R R Patil, who holds the Home portfolio, said that the state government would recommend capital punishment for policemen involved in rape cases.

I say more power to him.

When the law enforcer becomes the criminal, there can be no mercy, especially when the crime is rape. Please to note that in a lot of these cases, the victim was a minor...

It's time law enforcers realized that the next time they are tempted to outrage the modesty of a vulnerable woman, they will be paying for it with their lives...

We, the undersigned call on the Indian parliament to pass legislation that enforces capital punishment for policemen, army men, men in uniform and politicians involved in rape cases.

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