#Local Government
Property owners of Cape Vincent
United States of America

The town of Cape Vincent currently has applications from Acciona Energia and British Petroleum for industrial wind development. While 4% of the land owners will benefit directly the other 96% will receive little if any benefit.

We are concerned that our properties will be devalued. Cape Vincent has no protections for property values. The Economic Report released in October of 2010 clearly shows that there is going to be some amount of property loss, however the wind developers contradict this and say there will be no loss of property value.

A property assurance policy will guarantee that and should be no problem for the developers because they insist it wont happen. It will give non participating landowners some measure of relief that they are protected from a loss in property values.

We, the undersigned, request that the Town of Cape Vincent establish with Acciona Energia and British Petroleum a property assurance policy so that in the event that property values fall due to the presence of wind turbines the nonparticipating land owners will be wholly compensated for their property loss.

We respectfully request that a property assurance policy be established for industrial wind development in our town.

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