Seattle Drivers
United States of America

Seattle towing companies can currently set whatever price they want if they tow your car. There is NO limit.

My friend's car was towed from a neighbors spot (with no signage in site) and she was charged $340.

Apparently this is on the low end of what some drivers have been taken for in our fair city. There are some cases where people have had their cars towed and released only after the owner paid over $1,000. Not sure why they stop there. Why don't they charge $10,000 or a million dollars? Apparently, this is legal.

After 14 days the tow companies can auction off the car with no questions asked. Seattle apparently has some of the highest allowable towing fees in the nation.

This is insane.

We, the undersigned, citizens of Washington state, request a petition to limit the fees tow companies are allowed to charge drivers whose cars are towed to $150 per incident whereby a car is towed on city property and taken to an impound lot.

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