Lovers of music!

CANDYPAIN is one of the Gold Coasts fastest rising live acts and by far one of the most explosive.

Known for anthemic songs that get fists in the air and mind blowing live shows, CANDYPAIN have achieved a lot in their year together to date. And had a blast also. With a debut Demo/Ep due out in October and a growing fanbase, CANDYPAIN do not show any signs of slowing down or holding back.

A band that delivers strongly with strength in both their music and their stage show, this band are giving people what they have wanted.

Since debuting at Hard Rock Cafe in 2005, the Pain have made filmclips, played fantastic live shows and supported The Follow, Japunga, Minus Life and won the hearts of many with their fun approach to all that they do.


As we all know, that time is approaching-BIG DAY OUT 2007!!!!!
First lineup to be announced reeeeeeeeeal soon, and as you know,there is opportunity for local artists to feature on the bill. We've had some killer local acts in the past with Lump, Monster Zoku, Dr Octopus, Hollow, and then we.....havent.

This is your chance to be heard party people. By now, many of you know about the Shock n Roll explosion, that's CANDYPAIN, and also know that we put on a hell of a live show.

We want a chance to take our show higher and get a spot on the BDO Local stage. This is a fantastic opportunity, and one that we believe in our hearts and souls we deserve. Give a horror band a chance. Make dreams come true. We love your support, and we love our fans. We won't let you down.

Please sign, drop a line and let the Shock n Roll Revolution that is CANDYPAIN run rampant at BDO 07!

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