Owners and CEOs of candy companies Wrigleys & Hershey

Every year $1.5 billion is spent on cancer research/studies. It is mainly split between the main 10 types of cancer: lung, prostate, breast, colorectal, bladder, melanoma, non-hodgkin lymphoma, kidney & thyroid.

Last year Wrigleys candy company made $4.7 billion & Hershey made $1,407,843,000 in the first quarter. The 4 quarter of the year is the largest selling for candy companies due to Halloween & Christmas.

Our goal is to get as many signatures as we can & no less then 5,000 to ask these major companies to donate a portion of there proceeds from the sales of there skittles, jolly rancher & life saver products from the month of October (breast cancer awareness month & the highest month of the year for candy sales, to National Cancer Institute for cancer research & awareness.

We the undersigned, respectfully ask the owners & CEOs of candy companies Hersheys & Wrigleys to donate a portion of their proceeds, from the sales of their Skittles, Starburst & Jolly Rancher products, for the month of October, (breast cancer awareness month) & (Halloween), the highest sales month for candy companies, to the National Cancer Institute, to help them with research & studies that will help aid the WORLD, in the FIGHT AGAINST CANCER.

We sincerely thank you for your time & consideration in regards to this petition & matter. God bless.

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