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Fox Television Network
United States of America

Family Guy is NO LONGER FUNNY! American Dad has never been. And the Cleveland Show should never have been started. It is Offensive. The Offensive Sarah Palin's family joke. Peter's horse breeder and stewie eating cereal with Horse Sperm. Bonnie being pregnant from 1999 until 2008. Meg being the butt of every joke and abused, made fun of, kicked around. etc. etc.

There is nothing funny in American Dad to begin with. NOTHING! The Cleveland Show is a sloppy, piece of garbage thrown together so stereotypically and racist it should never have aired in the first place.

Hello, to anyone who reads this. I am tired of the television show, Family Guy. I can not sit and watch the Racist television show the Cleveland Show. And I can't bare to watch another terrible show a.k.a. American Dad.

Fox needs something to fill these slots instead of New or Old episodes of these shows. Please I urge you ALL to change the t.v. channel when these shows are on. Whether it be T.B.S, Fox, Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. I urge you to also sign this, in order to get the wheels turning and Cancellation of these shows. With these 3 shows off, and possibly new television shows in their places T.V. will be a little bit better.

So please, as I have said, change your t.v. channel from these shows to something else, or turn it off altogether until cancellation.

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