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We need Max & Ruby to get cancelled after its first ten seasons because I got thrilled by a sixth season of Max & Ruby being confirmed. Max & Ruby 0004 explained about Max & Ruby's parents. When I came to Geoshea's Lost Episodes Creepypasta Wiki, Geoshea said "Max & Ruby had lost their noses and mouths and their eyes got replaced with BIG BLACK holes, when a stone saying "R.I.P. Mommy And Daddy" appeared, their eyes are lost, and then Max died by accident and for now, Ruby is on her own".

Max and Morris now talk completely and attend Pre-K. Ruby and Max had changed their clothes now. The teachers, Max & Ruby's students in their classes and Max & Ruby's parents are finally introduced. The Theme Song also got edited and recorded again by Rosemary. A curious preschooler called Max and a bossy 1st grader Ruby are cute, fluffy and cuddly bunnies.

In the pilot, Rosemary made a mistake. When an episode called "Louise's Sercet" got re-aired, the mistake was resolved. Sign your petition so there won't be an eleventh season of Max & Ruby.

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