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Preachers of LA is a television show that documents the lives of several Pastors, Ministers & Bishops. After only watching the show 1 time I was outraged at the foolishness that these so-called men of God were doing & saying. One Bishop actually had the audacity to call it "a business."

And another Bishop said that he was going to bring a glock (gun) with him if the young men (gang members) he was going to speak with did not listen to God. This show does nothing but allow these "men of God" to show off their fancy cars & big houses to a world full of struggle.

Ministers who committed adultery should not be glorified on television just because of his title; that should be shameful!

Please join me in getting this show off the air before it damages the lives of people that are trying to know God.

Glorifying foolishness & adultery from men that are supposed to be spreading the word of God is unacceptable.

Those learning about Christ may assume that all "men of God" act the same way. I don't want this show to corrupt the minds of our children & other babes in Christ!

So please sign this petition if you believe that this show deserves to be cancelled.

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