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THIS IS ONE STALE AND OUTDATED UNTALENTED TV REALITY SHOW THAT NEEDS TO GO!! In this petition, we're asking The FCC and NBC to do the right thing and cancel America's Got talent off the air off of NBC and cable television permanently. America's Got Talent used to be a wonderful talent show from (2006-2011) when the old judges David Hasselhoff (from Baywatch), Sharon Osboure, Regis Philbin, Brandy Norwood and Piers Morgan were on the show, although Howie Mandel was alright in the older seasons, but now, he's an absolute sellout and mean idiot in the newer watered down seasons with the new judges now. Piers was kind of an airhead too, but at least he was nowhere near as bad the new current judges are. Piers still picked the right talents at the right time. And also because in the old America's Got Talent from (2006-2011), the auditioning people and contestants use to have actual real talent and sing a lot of their OWN written songs with perfection and true heart! And when they did do covers of original songs, they sang them very good and beautifully. And almost as good as the original artists and bands. And people used to do real fun and cool interesting realistic things and that felt and looked real. And the old judges David Hasselhoff (from Baywatch), Regis Philbin Sharon Osboure, Brandy Norwood and Piers Morgan used to pick the right youths, kids and people to win and loses were much more faithful, loyal and true with respect, caring and honor.

But now, it's the other way around and it's now a nightmare and fire hell in the new seasons. Because by (2012), all of that changed and went away when the new judges who are stupid as hell came in. The new judges suck and they can't pick established talents and stars with talent to save their lives. Simon Cowell is the worst one out of all of them and he's the biggest @sshole and punk on the shows and in a lot of mainstream music. He gave us that sh*tty and overrated UK band One Direction (oh thank God they're dying out and they'll be gone soon), he gave us many other sh*tty modern era bands, he insults the people who do have actual talent, he is a racist moron, he's a real life bully and illuminati puppet and so much more! Howie Mandel used to be cool in the old America's Got Talent from (2006-2011) and he would actually pick talented winners back then in the old America's Got Talent. But by (2012), he sold out and became and media whore and he started doing disrespectful things, saying rude and mean comments and things to people; he started picking the worst winners with zero talent and he acts retarded now. He lost his edge and charm. Heidi Klum is also an overrated and stale woman who does not know how to pick real talent and people with charisma to save her life. Not to mention she's old, ugly as hell and she's fat and out of shape compared to how much better looking she was over 10 years ago when she was younger. She also needs to go.

And finally Mel B (Melanie Brown known as Scary Spice of the spice girls in the 90s). She used to be so hot and sexy looking back in the 90s and early 2000s when she was in the spice girls and when she started her solo career after the spice girls broke up in (2000). She was awesome from (2000-2005), but by (2006), she started selling herself out and she started to become a media sex whore. And today in the 2010s, Mel B really did sell herself out and she became a media sex whore and a nasty oversexed woman. Not to mention that Mel B also is not fit to be a judge on America's Got Talent or any other talent show because she doesn't have the smart mentality, expert skills, true understanding, sharp memory and smart mindset to pick people and kids on AGT with real pure talent and she also never picks the right winners, she picks the wrong winners. And over the last few years, she's also said a lot of wrong things and mean gestures on AGT causing all the fans and viewers to not like her very much now.

Mel B also needs to leave AGT for good! And AGT also sucks big time because now, they just do a bunch of stupid sh*t like for instance. A lot of boring and dumb people sing really, really sh*tty and short cover versions of original songs by original old school and modern artists; and 9 times out of 10 (like 97% of the time), they always get buzzed by the judges and they lose after the judges vote them off and tell them "no" almost every week. Though it doesn't matter to me cause those kids and people never come up with their own lyrics and they never sing their own original songs anyway. They always just do overrated and pathetic cover versions of original songs and one hit wonders that are so terrible, watered down, god awful and ear raping that they always get buzzed off of the show and they never even make it into the music business (which also doesn't matter to me because the music business is beyond dead, shit and untalented now compared to when mainstream music and the music business were larger than life and talented from (1980-2006) and some of (2007). I remember in one episode of AGT, this redheaded overweight woman was singing a stupid and horrible cover of Cyndi Lauper's (1984) song "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and it sounded so pathetic and beyond overrated. And she got booed by the fans and buzzed and voted off AGT by the judges in a flash! Man, I've never been more embarrassed to watch that AGT episode and be an old school music fan before in my whole entire life you know. That redhead woman absolutely murdered and destroyed an 80's original hit song that night. If you know which episode it is, then please feel free to post it here.

And people are also always doing stupid and retarded things such as saying beyond retarded kiddie jokes, people are always doing stupid and dangerous stunts that are not funny and entertaining at all, they do stupid sh*t that gets them hurt and injured all the time, youths and people dress up in really, really sh*tty and stupid costumes and act stupid, talk stupid and sing stupid as hell! Everyone and the judges all always act stupid, retarded and overhyped on every episode every week, the show goes nowhere, the auditioning people never get anywhere or win real huge money and prizes, they never promote real old school original talent, people who watch the show and who audition complain about the judges and a lot of things, yet they still waste their time and money watching it and auditioning on that shi*thole that sucks, knowing that they're gonna lose 97% of the time and never make into the music business or win real prize cash. Only very few of them make it in the music industry and win a million dollars, yet those people are also never relevant and they also never start another old school boom period from (1980-2006) in the world again! And they never become anywhere near as successful and good as all the original old school VH1 and MTV music artists and bands (both dead and alive) either. They just waste their time on the show and us people just waste out time watching it too. Because AGT is just another illuminati and politically correct money making scam reality show on TV to scam people into auditioning on their show, buzz them off of the show 97% of the time and take all their money and our money from watching the show on TV.

AGT is not like "The Voice" where they pick the right people with the best talents, the best singing voices and who get themselves over with the fans. The Voice judges and the people who watch the show and audition on it live always win real victories with pure greatness by the smart and mature judges on The Voice. The only thing "the voice" just needs to do is start having people who sing on the show start singing more of their own original songs on the microphones with album recorded music and the instrumental songs playing on a CD player or music audio device player with rave club DJ audio and HQ surround sound. And not just always cover version songs with musicians playing instruments cause that's what throws off the one hit wonder sound, the tune, the rhythm, the keys and the notes of the singers singing their songs. And maybe upgrade the inside of their stage and building with more old school blue rave lighting. But other than that "the voice" is a lot better than America's Got Talent, American Idol and The X-Factor.

There are so many more reasons why AGT is beyond stale and boring and why it needs to get cancelled and get taken off of TV for good! But you all should already know why though. So if you're also sick and tired of AGT like me and you want it gone from TV permanently too: Then please sign this petition to make it happen and to get the FCC and NBC to cancel that horrible and untalented piece of sh*it America's Got Talent show off of cable TV once and for all! Because really, the show should either be called America's Got Zero Talent or America's Got No Talent; because AGT really does have no talent at all you know! And they really do promote zero talent, just more and more sh*t and stupidity every week. If kids and people in the USA and in other countries worldwide actually want to become real talented and popular established mainstream iconic and legendary artists, singers and bands like all the greatest old school original MTV and VH1 music artists and bands are and perform in the biggest and greatest music events, super bowls and all the etc. Then they all need to start singing their own real original album songs and audition and sing in the recording studios and in the right music places like all the old school bands and artists did. And then they need to get themselves over with the fans and the real people in order for them to become huge one hit wonder iconic artists and bands like the original MTV and VH1 old school bands and artists did. Not on a weak and overrated money scam making reality show called America's Got Talent.

So let's get rid of this show and stick to watching DVDs, blu ray discs and online TV streaming of everything we like to watch without AGT on them. Thanks and later now everybody!

[this is the show that needs to go off the air for good and why it needs to go off the air for good too]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrJ88mJPfJY (this is the episode of "girls just wanna have fun" where that woman sang the song terrible) (I found it)

The FCC and NBC, America's Got Talent is stale, outdated, past its prime and it has nothing new to bring to the table no more either! The show does not promote actual talent and real music at all no more like did from (2006-2011), the show now just promotes and allows so many stupid things, overrated dangerous stunts, no real people singing real songs, retarded cover songs that suck, it's predictable, you always know who's going to win and who's going to lose, the judges have nothing but mean and disrespectful insults, racism, the worst win picks and all the etc.

And AGT is irrelevant now and the ratings and viewers are dropping lower and lower week after week. And the show and NBC network are losing big money because everyone is starting to change the channel on the show and walk out of the live shows early because AGT isn't even worth a stick of gum or watching for even 30 minutes anymore. So please make the right decision and cancel America's Got Talent off of NBC and cable TV permanently because the show is going nowhere now. And so it can die along with the rest of the stale and outdated talent shows of today too! Thank you and now let's get rid of AGT, shall we?

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