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CBSE Board

The (CBSE) board exam students will have to take Class 10 mathematics and Class 12 economics exams again, as the board has decided to reconduct these tests after reports of paper leak, said CBSE board on Wednesday.
According to Times Of India,
The HRD minister assured that "a strong mechanism will be put in place to prevent such incidents from taking place in the future".
Here's the link:
I question, "why it wasn't put earlier, that strong fullproof mechanism"?
There were rumours about leaking of accountancy papers too, why didn't they took any actions regarding that?
Its not our fault that papers are getting leaked, its the fault of the CBSE board members and the culprits involved. Even after such a strong security arrangement, papers are getting leaked. Why the rest of us should suffer for someone else's irresponsiblity. What about our hardwork that we did for the economics examination that held on 26th March, 2018.
Moreover, economics examination went well for more than 70% students.
And now, after all our hard work and a well went examination, we have to Appear for a retest.

As we know, retest papers are way more difficult in comparison to the regular papers.
So we, the undersigned, call on the CBSE board to either cancel this retests or to set an easy question paper.
Please guys, do sign this petition as a protest against retests of class 12th economics and class 10th maths.
This is all about our(student's) rights.
We will not suffer for anyone else's mistake and irresponsibility.
Each of your signs may change something. We don't know if this petition's gonna work or not, but atleast we all can try. Its our right to fight against unfair affairs.
Join this petition, and lets fight together.
- Ayush Datta

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