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In last 45 years, the world has never had to face a food crisis as extreme as the one the international communities are dealing with today. With hundreds of thousands of innocent people threatened by potential famine and starvation it is up to countries like Canada to curb the rising cost of food at any means possible.

Although the majority of Canadian citizens are not experiencing hunger, starvation and poverty related issues to the extent of those in developing nations WE are ultimately affected on a smaller scale.

Agricultural production in Canada has been declining in recent years because farmers cannot compete with lower-cost imported food. With the rising competition from foreign food industries, farmers across Canada are being placed under increasing pressure to ultimately lower their prices.

As Canadians we have an obligation to do whatever we can to stem the increasing concerns of the global food crisis by buying from local Canadian farms. This action will not only support the local economy and create local jobs, but is the best choice for the environment because it reduces pollution from extra packaging and transportation, as well as the demand for gas.

The Canadian government and food production companies need to put less money towards foreign food trade and increase the support for our local agricultural business. Furthermore, in order to allow Canadians to have more access to food produced by local farmers, grocery stores should import fresh produce from the surrounding area rather than from overseas. As Canadians so often we hear about "global crises" and feel powerless to do anything about it. Here is our chance to actually make a difference.

We call upon the Canadian and local governments to promote the importance of buying locally and making the products accessible to all.

Canadians are urged to sign the following petition to show their support regarding the importance of buying locally, and to pressure the Canadian government to encourage citizens to buy from local farmers which will help to alleviate the impacts of the global food crisis.

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