Governor-General Michaëlle Jean

As of December 1st, 2008 the Liberal, New Democratic, and Bloc Quebecois parties have tabled an official 'coalition agreement', and are in the process of drafting a letter to Governor-General Michaëlle Jean requesting the institution of a coalition government, and the ousting of the Conservative minority elected by Canadian voters a mere two months ago.

We view the proceedings as a "rash, poorly defined, and indefensible assault on the Canadian Consititution, and democratic process." The result of a successful coalition bid for government would be a non-representative body with ill-defined leadership structure; at a time when Canadians require succinct, stable, and decisive governance.

If Prime Minister Stephen Harper has indeed lost the confidence of the House we must demand a Prime Minister of our choosing via general election.

Thus we come to our core purpose - to sway the decision of Governor-General Michaëlle Jean in the event of a victorious non-confidence motion in the House of Commons, and thereby prompt a general election.

UPDATE: As of December 4, 2008 the Governor-General has opted to prorogue Parliament until January 26th. Regardless, this petition will continue to gather signatures in the event the coalition government once again attempts to preempt a general election. Thank you for your support, and remember to visit us at http://www.votersvoice.ca for updates, and discussion forums.

We, the undersigned, petition Governor-General Michaëlle Jean to uphold the ideals of our democratic nation, and immediately call a general election in the face of non-confidence motion in the House of Commons on December 8, 2008.

We demand the tenants of responsible government, popular vote, and democratic process be upheld. The issue facing Canadians this coming week is an important one, and can only be adequately dealt with as a nation.

We, the undersigned, to be collectively referred to as the people of Canada, urge Governor-General Michaëlle Jean to take immediate steps in the event of a successful non-confidence vote in the House of Commons by calling a general election. She must protect our democratic freedoms when we cannot.

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