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My name is John Hardman I suffer from PTSD and use a PTSD Service Dog.

Currently in Canada we have a National legislation for Guide Dogs for the blind only.

In Alberta you can only have a Service Dog if you are Blind , or if it comes from one school only ADI. I have been an advocate in Alberta for 6 years working on this issue. I have gone through 5 Primers, and 7 Ministers of Human Services in Alberta . None have responded.

I was going into the Alberta Disabilities office in Calgary with my Doctors note for Physiotherapy only to be assaulted by a Security Guard demanding me to show him my ID for my blind dog. I tried to educate him, and it went bad. He follows me for 2 blocks outside humiliating me. I filed a Alberta Human Rights Complaint. Denied because I do NOT have an ADI Schooled dog as per Alberta Legislation. I was devastated and had a Heart Attack November 2015.

BC changed its legislation January 2016 we came to Vancouver Island to get tested. We passed and are #20 legal Service Dog Team in Canada. ID issued from BC Minister of Justice. Alberta does not recognize BC Service Dogs. I have this in writing from If the Alberta Human Services Minister Ifran Sabir.

Canada Service Dogs are not just for the Blind. They are used for Autism, Diabetics,Epilepsy,Hearing Assistance, Trauma Court & Police Victims Support Dogs. Cancer screening in Hospitals.

Canada I would be dead if I did not have my PTSD Service Dog. Please help support our cause. My goal is to get 500,000 signatures and take it to Ottawa personally and make this happen.

Thank You
John Hardman

We the undersigned call on the Trudeau Government to change the National Guide dog Legislation for Blind Dogs to make a amendment to include Service Dogs for PTSD, Autism,Diabetic Alert,Epilepsy Seizure Alert, Hearing Assistance.

Currently our National Legislation do not cover these Service Dogs

By including these Service Dogs it will help protect the most vulnerable people in Society, our Canadians that suffer from disabilities that require the use of a Service Dog.

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