Canadian Federal Government

Each year, landfills around the globe are flooded with more than 300,000,000 printer cartridges. Virtually all of these cartridges could have been either refilled or recycled. Why weren’t they? The majority of printer manufacturers are taking steps, such as embedding electronic chips in their cartridges, to prevent third-party refilling or recycling.

The Canadian Government must take action now and put in place laws that will prohibit printer manufacturers from creating non-refillable cartridges, thus dramatically decreasing this unnecessary buildup of electronic waste in landfills.

We, the undersigned, hereby petition the Canadian Federal Government to enact laws that prohibit the manufacture and import of cartridges, devices, or software that disable or prohibit the remanufacture or refill-ability of our empty printer cartridges.

In doing this, we will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions through a decrease in the number of cartridges needed to be produced. This will also be dramatically diminishing the amount of electronic waste that enters landfills each year.

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