Prime Minister of Canada

Jamie Oliver is known for causing havoc and change in England and American schools, Canada deserves a change, too.

Although I'm not as much a public figure as Oliver I am a Canadian with a young child who may eventually attend public school. Although schools have come a long way already there's much more to be done and I know a lot of Canadians want to make a difference now.

I am also a fan of white milk, fruits, vegetables and meat.

I'm an even bigger fan of raising a healthy child and next generation.

We, the undersigned, call on Canada to make a difference in the health of our communities by encouraging students to eat healthier foods and live more active lives.

To have only white milk on menu's versus flavoured milks. To have fresh fruit instead of cookies.
To offer cooked vegetables instead of greasy meals.
To offer meals that follow Canada's own Food Guide.

And to add more lesson's on cooking your own meals the healthy way as well as more time for physical activity.

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