#Human Rights
Prime Minister - Stephen Harper

To Mr. Stephen Harper,

For long Iraqis religious minorities specifically (Christians, Yazidis & Mandaeans) have been suffering from discrimination and are the ongoing targets of hate to extremists from both Muslim sects weather Sunni or Shia . The final events of Mousel was just a small chapter in a long story of suffering. It is time to put an end to this. You have committed to take more refugees but seems to have an issue with making sure there are no terrorists between them and we all agree with you on this point as Canada is our country and we want to live in it safely.

We the Canadians from Iraqi minorities ask you to open a direct 3 months process bypassing the security for any family or individual who can prove to be a member of those minorities and provide at least 2 Canadian citizens from that Minority to be their guarantors. These minorities were never involved in any terrorism and are all peaceful. It's time to give them a place to call home and We are willing to guarantee it.

The number of Iraqi Christians in Jordan has grown to 12000. Jordan a poor Muslim country is helping them and we Christian rich here in Canada is doing nothing. It's time for our government to welcome them here and now not after a year or two of waiting.

I'd Also like to add the Syrian Christians and Druze who are also prosecuted by ISIS and other Muslims and in similar situation to the Iraqis.

We Iraqi-Canadian minorities Christians, Yazidis & Mandaeans and our supporters call on the Canadian government to bring our families, our relatives and our friends, to bring our people to safety.

We want them here and safe and we want them now not six month or a year later while your security screening figures out what we can already tell you. Non of these people has ever been involve in or will ever be involved in terrorism except for being the victims and targets of it.

Let's do the right thing and bring them to safety.

For all my Iraqi-Canadian friends and family and anyone else who agree of the right of certain minorities over others to be accepted to peaceful Canada. Please vote for this and let the government know where you stand.

Basil Potros

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