Canada's Ambassador to the EU

This petition was created in support of the idea to further create a global community and signifying Canada's continuing commitment to ties with Europe based on our mutual history both culturally and economically while upholding the highest standards of human and environmental rights.

We, the undersigned citizens and /or residents of Canada draw the attention of the Government of Canada to the following:


-We recognize our rich historical & cultural ties with Europe and the EU.
-Canada joining the EU would benefit us by providing us with a free-flow of skilled labour from neighbouring EU-member countries much needed to support our economy, enriched trade, greater sharing of research and technology, strengthen cross-atlantic defense and peacekeeping, make the necessary and inevidable landmark move to create a global union (or Earth Union) based on peace, freedom, and respect for all human, animal and environmental rights.

THEREFORE, your petitioners request that Parliament take immediate steps to initiate the process of entry, for Canada to join the European Union.

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