All Canadians

The federal government has announced a strategic review of Canada Post and has appointed an advisory panel to conduct this review.

The government is 'NOT' holding public hearings and is proceeding at a break neck pace with its review suggests it is not interested in hearing from the Real Owners of the post office---the public.

I am asking all Canadians the 'real' owners of Canada Post to let our Government know we have a voice and should be heard on this matter.

Hey Harper - Hands off my post office
Say no to deregulation.

Here are 5 reason to say NO:

1. Deregulation would jeopardize universal postal service.

2. Deregulation would result in higher prices, reduced service or both.

3. Deregulation would destroy jobs and transform good jobs into bad jobs.

4. Deregulation would hurt the environment.

5. Deregulation would reduce the security and privacy of the mail.

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