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In the 1960's the U.S Supreme Court took it upon themselves to ban any type of prayer in public schools(Engel v. Vitale 1962 and Murray v. Curlett, 1963). Since then the increase in violence in what is supposed to be a "Safe Zone" for our children has become a place of insubordinates,violence and discord. Some say it is due to the hormones in food, some say the economy, their environment and all this maybe true. But it also started when we took God out of the foundation of it all.

Putting prayer back into school can promote virtuous livng, good citizenship, most importantly it can decrease the natural egocentrism. It will teach our children, especially those that don't get taught at home to think more of others than themselves. The reintroduction of prayer, may not only produce better tomorrow leaders, but better students of today.

The bible says that children are the best gift, the fruit of the womb His generous legacy. So why not pray for them and bring prayer to them? By signing this, you may be protecting them where they spend their time the most.... at school.

"One Nation UNDER GOD."

We, the undersigned, take a stand in reintroducing prayer back into the school system.

Save today's children so that they can have a chance to become tomorrow's leaders.

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