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Rockingham Parish Meeting Chairman, Rockingham, Leics
United Kingdom

On 3rd November 2009 a 40 tonne crane lost control on the A6003 through Rockingham village, overturned and crushed an oncoming car. Fortunately this time no one was seriously injured. However, this accident is the latest in a number where lorries/large vehicles have been driven recklessly, causing damage to houses & other vehicles and endangering pedestrians.

We are therefore requesting that the county council enforces a weight restriction on this stretch of the A6003. Other routes, more suitable for heavy vehicles, such as the A14, A43 and A1 should be used as alternatives.

We, the undersigned, request Northamptonshire County Council to enforce a weight restriction on the A6003 through Rockingham village to ensure the safety of other vehicle users, residents & pedestrians.

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