The global waming cult.

Millions of people are accepting global warming thory as simple fact without even glancing at the science. Why? because sensational and apocalyptic predictions are drilled into them day after day, and opponents of the theory are ridiculed and treated like holocaust deniers.

It is very easy for a newspaper to say that by 2050 30% (or 10, 20, 40, 50, 60 or 70%, depending on who you ask) of the world's major coastal cities will be under water, be cause by the time 2050 comes and western civilization has NOT collapsed, everyone will have forgotten the prediction, as people have conveniently forgotten the apocalyptic and sensational predictions of global cooling 40 years ago.

People say nonsense, like global warming is killing 70,000 people every year (or even up to 1,000,000 acoording to some pseudo-scientific scaremongers), but really global warming theory is killing thousands, because in Africa people are, for example, forced to use expensive and inefficient solar panels which prevent them from having enough electricity to move out of devastating poverty.

When, subjected to close scrutiny, the evidence that humans are causing global warmings is very poor. For example it was hotter 1000 years ago (before people had cars or power stations or anything like that) than it is now (note that polar bears didnot become extinct and that all of the world's major cities were not washed away in apocalyptic floods) . Also, consider the fact that rotting leaves produce more CO2 every year than humans. In fact, humans only produce 4% of the world's CO2 emissions, and all of that was once in the atmosphere anyway.

Global temperatures are going up. Fine. They have been changing since the earth began. Has anyone heard of the Ice Age? Anyway, human CO2 emissions are also going up. Fine. That is only to be expected with advances in human civilization. Just because they are happening at the same time does not mean that human CO2 is increasing temperatures. If I plugged my toaster in, and at the exact same moment a comet crashed into Jupiter, would you think that my toaster had caused the crash? No? So why apply the same logic to climate change!

We, the undersigned, call for rational worldwide debate as to whether human CO2 is really changing to world's climate.

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