#Neighborhood Living
Touareg Trust
United Kingdom

This petition is for residents of Paragon Halls of
Residence (TVU) who are less than satisfied with the
internet service provided for us.

Lets compare our internet service with two other
leading providers of broadband in London:

£15 per month
10Mb/s, Unlimited Usage

£18 per month
8Mb/s, unlimited Usage
Free weekend calls

£25 per month
Under 1 MB/s
25GB Usage Limit (plus 'Daily Limits')

Digital Village are not a real Internet Service Provider –
they are resellers of another companies service
(Enta.net). This enables Touareg Trust to profit from
our need for internet.

Needless to say, Paragon literature made no mention
of this EXPENSIVE, EXTREMELY POOR internet service.

As students we cannot afford to be ripped off like this.
Please sign this petition to indicate your desire for
genuine value for money and a decent internet service.

We, the undersigned, do hereby call upon Touareg
Trust to provide a competitive internet service for
residents of Paragon. A competitive service may be any
service which offers comparable features to leading
broadband providers and offers comparable value for

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