#Roads & Transport
Vale of Glamorgan County Council
United Kingdom

Roads in the Vale area are a disgrace, uneven road surfaces, multitude of potholes, poor road surfacing and poor road markings. Shoddy repairs make our roads look like patchwork quilts.

The cost to local residents in extra repairs of their cars that are affected by poor roads is ever increaseing. Recently councillors wasted a huge amount of £'s on Thompson Street in Barry, a road that was already in fairly good condition. The money could have been better spent on roads such as Princess Street which has been in a dreadful state for a long time.

We pay enough local and national taxes to use the roads but get little in return, money needs to be spent to bring our roads up to a acceptable standard. It‘s time our elected officials took action to resolve this issue to the satisfaction of those who elected them, afterall they are there to serve us aren’t they?

We the undersigned demand that the Vale of Glamorgan County Council and Highways Agency take positive steps to resolve this issue.

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