#City & Town Planning
Southampton City Council
United Kingdom

This is a petition to call on Southampton City Council to improve the foot and
cycle paths to Southampton University, particularly the paths between
Westwood Road and Winn Road and Lovers’ Lane up to Highfield Campus (Little
Common). There are several problems with these footpaths:

1. In many places the tarmac is cragged and bumpy, which facilitates the
residue of water, leaves and mud, creating risks of slips and falls. Several people
have fallen and injured themselves on the non-asphalted path between
Westwood Road and Winn Road.

2. The footpath is naturally used by many cyclists, who, when avoiding
pedestrians, have to drive on the kerbside which is gradually being eroded.

3. In spite of the hundreds of people who are using the footpath every day
during the day and in the evenings, the Council is planning to switch off the
little lighting there is under the pretext of fighting crime. Good news: This
objective has been attained - the Council will leave the lights on!!!

4. Thick vegetation along the paths and on the Little Common are potential
hiding places for attackers.

Given that the Council aims to “develop an integrated transport system with
cycling and walking being key components in encouraging more sustainable
ways of travelling”, and to “encourage people to get on their bikes whilst
reducing the number of accidents involving cyclists”, these footpaths should be
adequately maintained i.e. have proper lighting, be cleared of overgrowth and
regularly patrolled by police.

Furthermore, the Council should consider converting these footpaths into
shared cycle/pedestrian paths.

Please also visit http://www.southamptoncommon.org/ for further information
or join the debate on http://soton.facebook.com/group.php?gid=7704808034.

We, the undersigned, call on the Council to immediately put into place adequate
lighting on these footpaths, to clear the area of overgrowth and to further consider
the resurfacing of the paths for the safety of all of us.

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