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Cononsyth is a very rural area 6 miles inland from the north sea coast of Scotland in the county of Angus. The scale of the Proposed development is extremely concerning regarding the industrialisation of our rural landscape and raises issues around biodiversity, pollution, animal welfare, climate change and the lack of a transparent democratic accessible procedure for objections and complaints to be noticed, or even considered valid.
I hope you can take the time to sign our petition, Cononsyth Protest Group is trying to raise local awareness and inform, please visit https://sites.google.com/view/cononsyth-protest for more information.

Please, also make a formal Objection to the development, to do this visit
Click Comments tab, Make a Comment. Don't forget to click Object under Stance.
Reference Planning Application number 21/00337/FULM

To read the objections of others please visit https://planning.angus.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=QSD8UQCFK2W00
Click Comments tab, Public Comments tab. This can give you ideas of what to say

To read the developer, (Cogeo) supporting application information including the environmental impact documents please visit
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An IPU (intensive poultry unit) is a large industrial complex and this one will contain 64,000 egg-laying hens in two massive sheds with supporting buildings and new roads. Anyone in the UK can object to this planning application anywhere in the country. You don't have to live in Cononsyth or Angus to object.
Developments on this huge scale have a massive impact on the environment, increasing levels of ammonia and micro-particulates, altering water courses and ground water levels, causing light pollution, noise from fans etc. and odour. This has a cumulative impact on human health and wellbeing, and on the fauna and flora of the environment. An IPU on this scale will damage biodiversity, effecting such as lichens and bryophytes, fungi and amphibians and encourages swarms and outbreaks of species taking advantage of the mono-culture, such as rats, flies and viruses e.g. avian flu. The combination of ammonia and micro-particulates are of particular concern to those with compromised respiratory health.
It is a large factory treating animals lives as a commodity for financial gain. Totally out of keeping with the other work Cononsyth Farms Limited has done.

Thank you for taking the time to read and sign our petition.

We, the undersigned, call on Angus Council to reject the planning application by Cononsyth Farms Ltd for an Intensive Poultry Unit on the grounds that the development will impact the area regarding:
Climate change
Pollution & environment
Risk to human and animal health
Increased traffic hazard
Light pollution
Sets a president for development creep, and opens Angus up to further intensive farming planning applications.
I am against the building of intensive poultry unit (IPU) and the industrialization of the country side in Cononsyth, Angus.

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