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In March 2014, the United States issued sanctions against Russia in a conflict that is between the European Union and Russia and for which both sides have legitimate arguments.

Ukraine is a border country for Russia and its cultural and economic ties go deep, and parts of Ukraine speak Russian. A percentage of Ukrainian citizens express desire for closer union with the European Union, which is why the European Union is in conflict with Russia over Ukraine as they were in the middle of accords, which would bind them economically and then lead to Ukraine's membership of the EU. Ukraine has 44 million citizens and is the second largest country and army in Europe. While providing a big gain for the EU, Ukraine is a threat to Russia.

The United States has no business in this dispute, which is not on the grounds of democracy because the US is teaming with the EU, which has its own democratic defect it has been working on fixing for years. These sanctions alienate Russia and the ability of Russia and the United States to work together toward defeating common enemies and seeking to expand economic opportunities between the two empires that can further prosper their prospective economies.

US Sanctions also create tension, uncertainty and instability between Russia and the United States. The American public do not share the US government's histrionic response to Putin's invasion of Ukraine and neither do we see how the conflict between the EU and Russia in any way effects the security of the United States. This is a conflict that must be worked out between the EU and Russia and in which both sides have legitimate disputes.

What is going to effect the security of the United States are the US Sanctions against Russia. By alienating Russia we eliminate an important partner in other foreign policy and economic objectives. In addition, this foreign policy move on the part of the United States appears reactionary, ignorant and weak. We were not invited by the EU on this matter yet we jumped in and took the lead on an issue that does not negatively effect the United States.

We the undersigned call on the President of the United States and the House and Senate to back him in immediately ending the United States sanctions against Russia, as these are not in the best interests of the United States and jeopardize US-Russian relations and create undue tension, uncertainty, and insecurity around the globe.

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