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From way before the days of the Stike Squad the present croonies who are in charge of Trinidad football have been using the name of our football for their own financial gain.

This came in the spotlight in 1989 when, on review, it was found that Mr Jack Warner, Oliver Camps and his boys illegally oversold tickets to what would still today rank as one of the biggest moments in Trinidad and Tobago football.

Instead of being disposed of, these same crooks have been left to rape our players and our fans for 17 more years. Same band, having recently defrauded our players of their promised rewards, are threatening to replace our NATIONAL HEROES with a group of players unworthy to even represent us at U20 level.

Our dreams of reaching 2010 world cup are dashed because of the greedy few, and the two headed serpent - special advisor/ TTFF, who reneg on financial obligations having completed their theft.

We the fans feel hopeless under the brutal savagery inflicted upon us by OUR representative organisation, which definitely does not represent our view or best interest.

We beg the powers that be to remove these corrupt members from our representative organisation , or have the name of our beautiful country removed from their name for they certainly do not represent us.

We, the Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and fans of its football, petition to FIFA and all the powers that be for the immediate resignation of the TTFF executive and the severing of ties with its "special advisor" Mr Jack Warner.

It is obviously apparent to us that the aforementioned persons are hell-bent on destroying the development of football in our beloved country. They continuously abuse the players who wear the national colours and us the fans SOLELY for their own financial benefit.

We call for a new leadership of the TTFF (void of these money grabbing miscreants) who will lead Trinidad and Tobago football to the heights that we the citizens and fans know that it can achieve only without the meddling of said derisive elements.

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