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The petition is part of Campaign TPM, an initiative by fans of the tv series "The Pretender" to unite for the common cause of pooling their funds to make the dream of a third and final Pretender movie a reality. The general consensus among Pretender fans is that we want closure because the two movies that TNT produced, brought more questions than answers. Fans are also still distraught at the sudden cancellation of the series and want to see more of their favorite characters.

Our premise is, there must be at least 1 million fans who are willing to pay $24 (USD) if it meant they would get the movie they've been wishing and hoping for.

Therefore, a petition, email and letter-writing campaign is planned in order to:
1) collect signatures from fans pledging to donate the cash, as proof to the network/s that we will provide the funds,
2) prod the networks into action through a consistent and targetted email and snail-mail letter-writing campaign to let them know we are serious and hopefully keep it on their minds,
3) get the 3rd movie made, once the pledge target has been reached.

A Yahoo Group was started to help mobilize Frustrated Pretender Fans to complement the campaign website and petition. The group will coordinate the synchronized email and snail mails and Harpo Hookup applications.

The petition will collect signatures/pledges from fans who are willing to contribute financially towards a third Pretender movie.

We, the undersigned fans of the television series "The Pretender" are determined to have a third and final "Pretender" movie and we are willing to fund it ourselves.

We are shocked, appalled and dismayed at the current lack of action regarding fans' requests for movies, and therefore we are signing this statement to inform you of our intent to band together and put forward the money required to make the final "Pretender" movie. We request that you acknowledge our intent and respond by making our dreams of a third and final "Pretender" movie a reality.

Bring back all the characters [Jarod (Michael T Weiss), Miss Parker (Andrea Parker), Sydney (Patrick Bachau), Broots (Jon Gries), Raines (Richard Marcus), Mr. Parker (Harve Presnell) and Lyle (Jamie Denton) etc] and give us some answers to the mysteries. By signing this petition, we pledge to contribute $24 USD (or some other amount) towards the movie.

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