Parents, Guardians and lay persons of the Gonzaga Prep community.
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: Radical ideologies and intolerant “cancel culture” are destroying authentic Catholic education at Gonzaga Prep and threatening proper Christian formation of countless youth throughout the Northwest. Assaults against Catholic education strike at the heart of the Gospel values and catholic understanding of the dignity of the human person and Jesuit care for the individual. Only Christ, who is Truth, can unite and heal every willing person through authentic catholic Teaching to save souls.
The shame, silence, and division of Critical Theory (CT), Critical Race Theory (CRT), and Liberation Theology have been systematically canceling the joyful Catholic pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness at Gonzaga Prep. To realize the “dignity granted to each person as created by God from their very beginning…” (Bishop Daly Corpus Christi Homily 6/6/21), each child must hear the Truth which is “…written in the human heart” (CCC 27) and deposited in Church Teaching. By obscuring objective Truth, these secular ideologies lead souls astray and unjustly marginalize, silence, and oppress children and families who desire to know the Truth and/or express traditional catholic Christian views at Gonzaga Prep.
Roots of Critical Race Theory ( Reject Critical Race Theory | Heritage Action For America )
Critical race theory (CRT) is a descendent of critical theory (CT), a school of philosophy (control-click on link) that began in Frankfurt, Germany, in the 1920s and 1930s at the University of Frankfurt’s Institute for Social Research. Thus, it became known as “the Frankfurt School.” It was one of the first, if not the first; Western Marxist schools patterned after the Marx–Engels Institute in Moscow.
The Frankfurt School’s scholars fled to Columbia University’s Teachers College in New York in 1934 to escape persecution by the Nazis and were careful to erase the word Marxism from their research papers so as not to attract attention in America.
Critical theory was, from the start, an unremitting attack on Western institutions and norms to tear them down. It is built on the work of philosophers such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Georg Friedrich Hegel, and his best-known disciple, Karl Marx.
It next became a short step to critical race theory in the late 1970s and 1980s(control-click on link). CRT built on critical theory’s idea that the world is based on systems of power and claims that American law is systemically oppressive. It went a step further to claim that America is systemically racist and that this racism produced an alliance between working-class whites and the oppressor capitalist class, which prevented working-class solidarity. CRT holds to the idea that:
1. There is no absolute truth—only competing narratives. It sees “lived experiences” as mattering more than facts.
2. Individuals are either an oppressor or a victim. You are predetermined by immutable characteristics such as race to fall into either category. Culture is defined by groups exercising power over each other.
3. America is systemically racist and must be dismantled. It sees America as having been founded on the system of capitalism, which is racist, and therefore must be disrupted.

Teaching CRT to OUR CHILDREN is anti-biblical, anti-Christ, and infringes on the Rights of OUR CHILDREN. This education institution once prided itself on both faith-based instruction (or as their mission statement states – “Gospel Values”) and an intellectual value as stated by Father Joseph Cataldo, S.J. along with eight (8) other faculty members who opened the doors to Gonzaga Prep in September of 1887.
A speech regime that replaces neutral rules with punitive personal perceptions cannot be anything but authoritarian. But from a Christian perspective, extreme versions of critical race theory suffer from an even worse defect—they wrongly place race or gender at the center of human identity.
Galatians 3:27-28 declares that “those of you who were baptized into Christ have been clothed with Christ. There is no Jew or Greek, slave or free, male and female; since you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

Examples of these radical ideologies being applied at Gonzaga Prep are as follows:
1. Students have been forced to live under the ideology of “Unconscious or Implicit racism” and have been told they are inherently racist by teachers and peers. Implicit Bias or Implicit Association: This is a theory — unsupported by research (control click on link)— that every person is secretly racist, even if that person doesn’t feel racist, act racist, or believe in treating people differently based on race. A new trend in schools is administering an “Implicit Bias Test,” where students are asked to quickly associate negative or positive words with pictures of people of different races. These discredited “tests” are designed to prove that everyone is racist. They are emotionally manipulative pseudoscience, and if your school is using them, you should protest vigorously.
2. Social Justice class (required for seniors).
a. These classes are fueled with racial and sexual orientation profiling assignments.
b. Promoting the “theory” of white privilege, pushing “white guilt” and “white fragility” students.
c. Are taught that a race-neutral society is wrong and to “see NO COLOR is wrong.”
d. Many students have spoken about being fearful of speaking their opinions, beliefs and even asking thought-provoking questions like: “what is the difference between ethnicity and race?”
Social Justice: This phrase is cleverly designed to make radical political views sound non-political and virtuous. You are not opposed to justice, are you? Because that would make you a supporter of injustice. The phrase itself has no concrete meaning, which is part of why it is so useful. If you hear school officials or teachers advocating “social justice,” it is important to ask them what specifically they mean — and if they believe that anyone who disagrees is an advocate for injustice.

3. Mandatory viewing of MICROAGGRESSION videos designed by hateful and secular resources. Using blaspheme that depicts white people as mosquitos and promotes cops as racist killers. Microaggression: Activists define this word as an interaction between people of different races, cultures, or genders in which a member of a “victim group” is subjected to subtle but powerful attack — ones the attacker is unaware he or she is carrying out. Legitimizing the concept of “microaggressions” serves several important political goals for radical activists: It puts everyone in the “oppressor” racial and gender categories on the defensive since you can be guilty of “aggression” based entirely on someone else’s say-so. Second, and crucially, encouraging kids to think in terms of “microaggressions” encourages them to be emotionally fragile, embrace a grievance mindset, and think of themselves as either oppressors or victims. These are all important political-psychological goals of woke activists.
4. Many teachers have been in support of BLM/Antifa and Defund the Police efforts, even turning them into assignments of Extra Credit if the student supports the Defund the Police movement.
5. The school has 2 Task Forces established under Equity and Inclusion and Race or BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color); not all published or given names. The task force is working on an ongoing re-training of faculty and introduction of “race-based” education in our school.

Many of the terms used in “Woke” education can be confusing and disarming. Please educate yourself on the TRUTH behind the ideologies, beliefs, and words as provided in the link below: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-KjaZxrIMyE6CX5mrW-tr0A64Fe1LzlLX3aqF9v994A/edit?usp=sharing.

Please sign this petition if you agree that we, as the parents, guardians, alumni, lay faithful of the Catholic Diocese and community, need to protect and restore authentic Catholic Education for the current and incoming students of Gonzaga Prep. Ban radical ideologies. Require transparency from Gonzaga Prep regarding curriculum, source of funding, and the following:

• Abandon the use of secular ideologies that obscure Truth and harm souls.
• Teach Truth, through which an authentic catholic education and culture can heal by uniting every willing person more closely to Christ and to each other—for the good of all souls.
• Work transparently and in communion with our good shepherd, Bishop Daly, USCCB Chairman of Catholic Education, to ensure all students are afforded and effectively taught the “dignity granted to each person as created by God from their very beginning….”
• Teach and affirm every student's moral obligation and right to use their God-given gifts of reason, logic, and conscience—well informed by the Joy of the Gospel and the Wisdom of the Church—to discern objective Truth.
• Teach and openly discuss the bold pursuit of objective Truth, beauty, and goodness—which is God—wherever they are found, and the humility to acknowledge when they are missing throughout all human history, in every culture, our own society, every person and every human heart.
• To swear, honor, and sign a Teacher’s Oath as modeled below the following:
• Achieve mastery in all subjects that I may be expected to teach.
• Keep my skills up to date with changes in technology.
• Encourage my pupils to research and evaluate pro and con arguments when the topic is subjective, rather than parroting the consensus of a supposed majority of opinion.
• Understand and teach the scientific method.
• Understand, teach, and apply logic where appropriate.

• Place the educational needs of my pupils before my self-interest or that of my collegial affiliations.
• Not strike and abandon my students.
• Reach out to parents, encouraging them to take an active role in their child’s education and help them find resources when needed.
• Maintain discipline in the classroom.
• Grade fairly and honestly.

• Practice my First Amendment right to free speech by challenging authorities who push me to adopt teaching methods that I believe are illogical and detrimental to my pupils' education.
• Advocate for phonics instruction at the elementary level.
• Advocate for maintaining strong core subjects of reading, writing, mathematics, and science at all levels of education.
• Advocate for historically complete textbooks, factually correct, and do not omit key figures because of political correctness.
• Advocate for textbooks that accurately describe the founding principles of the American government, with an emphasis on The Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the role of free-market capitalism in the growth of our nation.
• Uphold, support, and defend the laws of the U.S. Constitution and my State constitution.

Ethical Behavior:
• Treat all students equally regardless of their status, both with respect to academic expectations and discipline.
• Never humiliate a student for expressing an opinion that differs markedly from my opinion or others' opinions.
• Never use a captive classroom as a forum for proselytizing my political or religious views, even if I am teaching a subject related to politics or religion.
• Serve as a positive role model for my students, both in the classroom and in my personal life.
• Never participate in an unethical, sexual, or otherwise illegal relationship with a student.

We believe all students and families seeking a Catholic education at Gonzaga Prep have a right to be taught The Truth, that they might know, love, and serve God and each other in this life and for all eternity.

Thank you for your support and prayers.

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