#Human Rights
American Civil Liberties Union
United States of America

This petition is addressed to the American Civil Liberties Union, and is a call to launch an impartial and in-depth investigation into the shady organized-crime-linked activities of
The Highlands On The East Side
which is a proclaimed assisted-living facility located at:

101 Highland Avenue
Providence, Rhode Island 02906
(401) 654-5259
The corrupt facility superficially presents a very apparently-pleasant exterior in its instantaneously-visible decor, and has supposed prestigious recommendations which are highly dubious in actual functional-authenticity, as official as they may appear.
The grim reality of the matter is that the place is a highly-decorated prison, where atrocious humans violations have occurred, and where some of the corrupt personnel employed there, have received additional tainted money for clandestinely participating in organized-criminal activity.
The Highlands Of The East Side facility has truthfully committed the following crimes:
1) They have forced a completely physically and mentally competent tenant, who does not require that facility, and who does not want to be there, to pay nearly $7,000 monthly against his will, to remain in a depressing place (despite the seemingly pretty decorations) where he is humiliated daily in an attempt to gradually erode his self-esteem.
2) They have prevented a highly skillful and professionally-competent reluctant-tenant from being able to see the visitors of his own choosing, and in order to conceal his truthful and dignified protests of human rights violations as a solid fact, they have slandered this brilliant and still active professional as having "dementia" and "not being able to make his own decisions", when he is still one of Brown University's top professors, and he has an ultra-razor-sharp mind! He is actually a walking polymath encyclopedia!
3) They have threatened and bullied him to do things which he does not want to do, and which truly would jeopardize him, and when he refuses to comply with the tyrannical demands which they make of him, they have threatened to take away his mobile/cellular phone in order to deprive him of contact with those who may help him to expose the concealed criminal-activity of this gilded-dungeon, with its outrageously-hypocritical propaganda!
4) This facility has unlawfully accepted tainted money in order to engage in delinquent-conduct which is completely lacking in ethics.
5) This facility has sought to unlawfully meddle in the personal-life-decisions of a highly-competent and gifted reluctant-tenant in the most brutally-intrusive way conceivable, even directing cruel taunts at the victim (this abusive conduct is coming from the facility's paid personnel).
6) Other human rights violations which are difficult to describe here in detail have likewise occurred, but which would most certainly surface with a responsible and ethical investigation into this facility's real mode of vicious operation.

We demand of the American Civil Liberties Union to please launch an impartial, responsible, and ethical investigation into the in-depth dealings, money transactions, and daily facility-conduct of The Highlands Of The East Side Assisted-Living complex.
We, the signers of this petition, demand that this pleasant-appearing rogue facility please be investigated thoroughly, despite the very pretty exterior and the external appearance of supposedly very good hygiene standards.

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